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February 20, 2011
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Fakemon FELINHEIST by psychonyxdorotheos Fakemon FELINHEIST by psychonyxdorotheos
FELINHEIST, the Cold-hearted Pokémon. Living in caves in the prehistoric Arctic regions, FELINHEIST uses its frozen tail like a blade to hunt for prey. Its ice-covered spine and thick fur numbs and counteracts the cold, making it function well in snow as present-day LIEPARD can on temperate areas.

Name Origin: FELINe, FELoN [a criminal], FahreNHEIT [temperature scale with a range fit for the cold], and HEIST [the act of stealing]
Type: Dark / Ice
Ability: Ice Body or Snow Cloak or PranksterPDW
Evolution: Purrloin ---Level 20---> Liepard ---Trade while holding Bedrock Gem---> Felinheist
Moves Learned: Same as Liepard, except for trading Ice Fang for Slash, Crunch for Night Slash, Hail for Snatch, and Icicle Drop for Sucker Punch, and also learns AncientPower after Taunt and Sheer Cold on later levels, hence: Sheer Cold, Sucker Punch Icicle Drop, Nasty Plot, Snatch Hail, Night Slash Crunch, AncientPower, Taunt, Slash Ice Fang, Assurance, Hone Claws, Fake Out, Torment, Pursuit, Fury Swipes, Sand-Attack, Assist, Growl, and starting move Scratch; relearns Psycho Cut and False Swipe; a good TM for Felinheist is the Blizzard TM

Base Stats:
HP: 84
ATK: 118
DEF: 70
SP ATK: 98
SP DEF: 60
SPD: 116
TOTAL: 546

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For a very critical reason, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all future :+fav:ers and :+devwatch:ers of my works. :D :D :D

EDIT 20130407: As mentioned by :iconbravetamermicko:, the descriptions regarding stats contradicts what is listed above, so I omitted them. ^^; Thanks for noticing that, and my bad! :)

EDIT 20110601: As mentioned below, Felinheist was a rather quick deviation of mine back in the day, so I decided to spend time in cleaning its artwork. I fixed its skull from looking awkwardly pointed forward. ^^; And to match my Liepard fanart, I gave my Felinheist a darker blue fur, and lighter dirty white fur. The shiny version has an even more yellowish fur now, and its icy skull, spine, and tail scythe are darker than the regular Felinheist, as inspired by shiny Beartic. :P

EDIT 20110221: Descriptions are in! :D Sorry for the rushed, description-less submission earlier, was really busy last weekend. ^^; Enjoy reading. :P

I haven't made a Purrloin and Liepard fanart as of the moment, so sorry for that. I needed to beat :icondarksilvania:'s contest deadline, and I was glad I was able to! Here's my third and last entry to the contest before it was closed a few moments ago: Felinheist, the Cold-hearted Fakemon! :D

Felinheist's name is a little complex, coming from four words: 'feline' because it is cat-like, 'Fahrenheit' because of its Ice-typing, and 'felon' and 'heist' referring to its dominant Dark-type. It is a prehistoric Ice Age feline which is a cross between a sabertoothed tiger and a black panther, with details from a snow leopard and a lion. As compared with Liepard, Felinheist has a panther's darker violet fur and snow leopard's lighter yellowish white fur. It sports a coat-like mane and snow boots to protect it from the cold. The upper portion of its body, from its skull to its spine, has ice covering it, numbing Felinheist of the freezing temperature. Its tail is frozen like a scythe, allowing it to kill prey quick and clean, while it now sports frozen fangs to eat with. Scary! :fear:

Originally, I was going to submit a Normal/Ground sabretoothed tiger Persian evo. However, as I wasn't completely satisfied with the final sketch, I decided to work on another feline Pokémon, which is Liepard. Unfortunately, I didn't find Dark/Ground to be appealing, and a muscular-looking Liepard didn't do it justice as a prehistoric Fakemon evo. So I considered Dark/Poison because it looks nasty, but it just didn't work out well, since Liepard is already purplish in color and I cannot work with its design and turn it more intoxicating anymore. That's when I realized that the best design for a prehistoric Liepard evo was a furry, Arctic feline [even humans were hairier back in those days]. Upon seeing numerous pictures of a rather bulky snow leopard, I decided that the best type for Felinheist is the Dark/Ice typing, and along with the type came the 'Cold-hearted' species name. Whew. ^^; Not convinced? Well, I don't intend to force you to like Felinheist, so just get your drawing materials and draw what you think is best for a Liepard evo. :P

In effect of this, Felinheist changed two of its Abilities: from Liepard's Limber to Ice Body for the HP regeneration during Hail, and from Liepard's Unburden to Snow Cloak for the evasion during Hail again. It keeps Liepard's Prankster as a reference to its primary Dark typing. :)

Felinheist's moves are similar to Liepard's, but with a few trade-offs and additions: from Slash to Ice Fang from Mammoswine, AncientPower after Taunt as a trademark move of Bedrock-induced trade evolution, Crunch over Night Slash because it has a more functional pair of fangs now, Hail over Snatch for the Ice-typed weather damage, Beartic's Icicle Drop over Sucker Punch for its icy tail-blade, and Beartic's Sheer Cold as ultimate move after all the other moves has been learned. I gave Felinheist two relearnable moves: Psycho Cut and False Swipe, which again utilizes its icy tail-blade to either go for the kill or for weakening a strong Pokémon. :P

Stat-wise, Felinheist follows Carnitrex, Snepres, and Quetzparce, growing a lot in offense, and a little in defense. While Liepard has weird stat growth from being a Purrloin, Felinheist has a rather exact stat growth. Bedrock Gem makes these evos grow more Physically than Specially, so Felinheist received 30 points in Attack [making it its highest stat], 20 points in Defense, and another 20 points in HP, giving it 118, 70, and 84 in those stats, respectively. Its special stats only grew by 10 points each, giving Felinheist a usable 98 Special Attack and a poor 60 Special Defense. And finally, being a little bulkier than Liepard, Felinheist gains only 10 points in Speed, but still increasing it to an effective 116. :)

I know, I know. Most Ice-types are meant to be defensive and bulky but why the low Defense and even lower Special Defense. Research shows [I sound like a commercial, lol :D] that mammalian Ice-types generally have low defensive stats: Mammoswine has the exact 80 Defense and 60 Special Defense as Felinheist; Beartic has 80 on both; Walrein has a good 90 on both, Dewgong has 80 Defense but a high 95 Special Defense; and finally, Weavile, the original Dark/Ice type, has 65 Defense and 85 Special Defense. That's one of the factors for the stats above, and the other is the fact that Felinheist is evolved via trading while holding the Bedrock Gem, which by now, we all know, makes the evo offensive rather than defensive. ^^;

Felinheist's 118 Attack, 98 Special Attack, and 116 Speed tells us upfront that it is a Mixed Sweeper. Learning and relearning moves like Icicle Drop, Crunch, Liepard's Sucker Punch, Liepard's Night Slash, Ice Fang, Liepard's Slash, False Swipe, Psycho Cut, and Hone Claws dictates Physical Sweeping, while AncientPower, Blizzard via TM, and Nasty Plot screams Special Sweeping. There are, however, a few more interesting moves that can be used strategically, like Taunt and Torment side-by-side, as well as the Hail-Blizzard-False Swipe combo [in case you want to keep False Swipe for weakening Pokémon for catching]. Pursuit and 118 Attack awaits switchers with a cruel amount of damage, too, while Fake Out deals neutral damage with a great chance of flinching the target on the first turn. So... just mix and match... and sweep, too! :D

The Cold-hearted Fakemon once again lurks, so watch your backs. One quick slash of its tail and you'll be knocked out cold. Hurrah for puns! :D :D :D

Felinheist is mine, and is my entry to Darksilvania's contest!
Carnitrex, Snepres, and Quetzparce are also mine!
Pokémon © Nintendo
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With the nerf to the Steel-type and better hazard control, it's safe to say Felinheist could very well be a top-tier threat in a competitive scenario. I wonder; would it get Superpower by move tutor in B2W2?
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